Marriott’s 4-D Teleporter


Marriott Hotels launches a brand new travel experience that allows you to immerse yourself in a virtual reality version of London and Hawaii, complete with motion, sounds, and even sprays of water for a “4-D” experience that makes typical virtual reality pale in comparison.

The Teleporter, as the experience has been tagged, is being rolled out to the public starting today and over the                             next eight weeks at select Marriott hotels.


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Windows 10 – Noticeable Features


Windows 10 – Noticeable Features

First, all desktop computers will share the very same Taskbar. The only way to tell which buttons are which on the Taskbar is by a very subtle overlay.

Second, making use of the [Alt] + [Tab] keyboard shortcut will cycle through all open applications, despite which desktop computer they are on.

Third, Microsoft appears to have  implanted the Start Screen into the Start Menu. On the left side of the menu, you’ll find all your applications and the links to items that have traditionally been on right side. On the right side there is a fly-out panel designed for the Modern App tiles, including Live Tiles.

We will keep you updated as more information is revealed….

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Tesla Driving Range Increased


Elon Musk claimed Sunday March 15th that the electric car maker is going to reveal an option to one of the largest downsides to plug-in automobiles… Running out of battery juice before reaching a destination.

In a tweet, the billionaire states that a press conference is being planned for Thursday March 19th in which Tesla will talk “about the end of range anxiety.” Owners will not have to take their cars in for service to make use of the update.  All Tesla owners will have to do is wait for the software application to be beamed to their vehicles.

Tesla Model S Currently Offers:

  • Highest safety rating in America
  • Autopilot equipped
  • Available All-Wheel Drive Dual Motor
  • Zero to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds
  • Up to 270 miles range (EPA)
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Lenovo’s Snooping Superfish

Lenovo’s Superfish


Snoops in on your internet surfing and slides advertisements right into your web pages. The worst part is that it is pre-installed with origin certification authority, which enables it to pose in any kind of web server’s safety and security certification.

If this certification is jeopardized by hackers, you can be deceived right into logging in to a phony site as well as providing hacker your password. Here is more & how to fix it…

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Introducing – The Smart Belt

A Smart Belt That Immediately Readjusts When You Eat Too Much


It will readjust as you take a seat or you stand or if you consume a large dish. It will track the actions that you take each day, and also you can send them to your cell phone app.
The wearable midsection technology was developed by the French firm Emiota.
It works with the assistance of small motors concealed inside the large fastening, which is anticipated to go through a little transformation prior to the tentative end-of-year launch date.

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Autopilot Drones That Follow You


Drones with cameras can bring a stunning aerial views to our photos. But, Pilots of these increasingly popular mini-copters have an unfortunate tendency to crash into things.
What if we could remove some of what makes personal drones dangerous… Human error?
A new generation like the 3D Robotics Iris+ and the Ehang Ghost can do much more of the flying themselves. They’ve supplemented (or in some cases, replaced) confusing joystick controls with apps that tell them to take off, follow flight paths and land autonomously. And their coolest trick: They can just follow you around, keeping a camera trained on you like floating paparazzi.
One popular drone maker, Parrot, has addressed safety by making quadcopters that are so lightweight that they can be used indoors with bumper-guards.
Autopilot drones go beyond turning your phone into a joystick. Both the Iris+ (which has been out for a few months) and Ghost (which starts shipping in January) can be commanded via app to fly to specific coordinates. You program the flight path with your finger on the screen. An external antenna, which comes with both models, sends the flight instructions from your phone to the drone.
And then there’s Follow Me mode. The drone apps track the location of your phone, and instruct your flying friend to follow along as you move.
For now, Ghost’s Follow Me controls are limited to following above your head at whatever height you choose. Iris+ lets you tell it how far away to fly, and whether the drone should try to follow ahead of the path you’re travelling or to repeatedly orbit around you. And their coolest trick: They can just follow you around, keeping a camera trained on you like floating paparazzi.

Autopilot drones go beyond turning your phone into a joystick. An external antenna, which comes with both models, sends the flight instructions from your phone to the drone.

The Iris+, which sells for $750 & the Ghost sells for $375 on its own or $599 with a camera.


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Sony Playstation on Samsung TV’s

Playstation 3 todayComing Soon… Thanks to a deal between the Samsung and Sony’s PlayStation, Samsung TV owners will be able to stream over 200   PlayStation 3 games. And PlayStation Now, the PS streaming service, will become available to Smart TV owners sometime early next year.

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Google Now Shows The Verses for Songs

Google Now Shows The Verses for Songs

google Lyrics

Searching for the lyrics for your preferred tune simply acquired one step simpler …
… Beginning Tuesday, Google now shows the verses for songs in its search engine results page, or SERP. Not every song has its verses offered by Google jet.
Google’s attempts to provide you more details before you even click on a search result.
Google presented the Know-how Graph two years back, essentially giving online search engine individuals a bit of information relevant to what they’re looking for. The new results for lyrics seem an expansion of that.

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Save on worker turn over costs by following these retention ideas

Save on worker turn over costs by following these retention ideas

Not feeling cherished is just one of the primary factors employees stop their jobs. Acquire advice on achieving high retention ratings, which could conserve your company hundreds of dollars.

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